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Canine Educator

Meet Abby Seay, known in the canine world as The Tiny Alpha. With an illustrious eight-year journey in dog training, my story began amidst the vibrant realm of doggy daycares, where I managed and handled over 75 dogs daily.

Fueling my passion, I immersed myself in collaborations with shelters and rescues, enhancing my skills while dedicating efforts to finding loving homes for dogs in need.

My journey extended beyond the ordinary as I ventured into the glitz of movie sets, working alongside my personal and client's dogs, honing their skills for the silver screen. This experience was a testament to the trust and expertise I've cultivated in the training realm.

And if that wasn't enough, my adventures brought me to the competitive stage of America's Top Dog Season 3, where I showcased the remarkable abilities of the canine companions I've had the pleasure to train.

As The Tiny Alpha, my mission transcends conventional training methods. I'm here to empower dogs and their human companions alike, fostering harmonious relationships built on trust, understanding, and a shared journey towards excellence. Join me as we embark on a transformative training experience that goes beyond the leash.

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