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Personalized session conducted remotely via phone call or video chat. It's an opportunity for me to connect with you, assess your needs, and offer guidance and advice tailored to your​ specific situation.


Home training is where most dogs and owners begin. It's all about meeting your needs and showing you how to lay a strong foundation with your dog while learning to communicate effectively. Whether you're teaching confidence, respect, manners, or other basic obedience commands​, this sets the stage for a closer bond

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D​esigned for seasoned learners seeking to elevate their skills to the next level. Tailored to meet the unique needs of both dog and owner, this program delves deeper into complex commands, behavioral refinement, and specialized exercises. From intricate obedience drills to refining agility or even exploring canine sports, our advanced training aims to fine-tune your dog's abilities and foster an exceptional bond between you and your furry companion


Board and train programs offer an immersive training experience where your dog stays with Paws2Palms​ for a set period. During their stay, they receive dedicated, structured training sessions tailored to their needs. This intensive approach allows for focused learning in a controlled environment, enabling quicker progress and consistency in behavior modification. It's a powerful option for busy owners seeking rapid and effective results, as it relieves them of the day-to-day training responsibilities while ensuring their dog receives expert guidance and specialized attention.

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While times evolve, dog training remains steadfast. Should distance pose a challenge, Paws2Palms embrace technology by offering sessions via FaceTime and/or Skype. Virtual sessions are personalized and delivered with professional expertise, ensuring exceptional quality even from afar!

*Additional video call options may be available; reach out to for more details on the available choices.


Arranging travel can be overwhelming, especially when your beloved pet can't join. Fear not, as there's no superior choice than letting your pup enjoy a sleepover at Paw2Palms' cozy home. With three resident dogs, playmates are a certainty, and living alongside a trainer means your dog(s) will return home with some exciting new tricks up their furry sleeves!

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